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Southern Colorado Front Range Fishing

Fly fishing in Woodland Park, CO is a great way to get in touch with nature. Just the feeling of heading to a new creek is exciting, wondering what the day will bring. There’s no shortage of fishing opportunities in the Southern Colorado Front Range, with abundant streams and rivers, you’re almost guaranteed to catch something.

Catamount Reservoirs

The Catamount Reservoirs are an 18-mile drive south from Woodland Park, off the Pikes Peak Highway. Anglers can choose either the North Catamount reservoir, which is good for Spring Mackinaw fishing or the South Catamount reservoir for fishing rainbow trout. These reservoirs sport rainbow, cutthroat, mackinaw, and brook trout with larger, holdover trout, since fishing has been relatively sparse the past few years. The North Catamount has flies and lures-only restrictions, where as the “South Cat” allows bait fishing with the same stock of Rainbow Trout and Mackinaw.

Deckers Region Trout Fishing, South Platte River

One section for great fishing is the stretch of the South Platte River that flows near Deckers. This area is just a short distance from the town and is home to a vibrant population of fish including, Rainbow and Brown Trout. Not only that, but the river offers a wide variety of shallow riffles, drop-offs, and rock gardens where the fish gather, providing a wide variety of options to test your skills on.

The river through Cheesman Canyon and the Deckers region is another great spot for fly fishing in Woodland Park, CO. Trout have been going in the riffles and out of the holes. Avoid the spawning redds, which are identified by the 18-inch hollowed-out spots with clean gravel. One of the most popular areas is just below Wig Wam until North Fork. Getting to this part of the river is easy as there is nearby access by car. However, make sure not to trespass into the private fishing areas which are clearly marked.

Eleven Mile Reservoir State Park, South Platte River

Eleven Mile Reservoir State park is 30 miles West of Woodland Park, an easy drive from Bristlecone Lodge. This popular but not overcrowded, secluded reservoir preserve offers ample fishing, boating, & hiking trails. Trout spawn in late spring and CPW released over 15,000 trout into the reservoir so the chances for a trophy catch are pretty reasonable. Pike fish are also available at this reservoir, although sparser than trout. The reservoir is open to boating 30 minutes prior to dawn and 30 minutes past sundown.

Manitou Park Lake

A periodic stocked lake, Manitou Lake is a part of U.S. Forest Service property with picnic tables and other amenities available. It’s a family favorite for walking, fishing, canoeing or kayaking. Manitou Lake park is close to Woodland Park and or a scenic drive from Colorado Springs. Entry fees apply.

Rampart Reservoir

Located 10 miles east of Bristlecone Lodge, in the Pike National Forest, this reservoir offers boating, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking trails. The main recreation area opens in May, with boat ramp access May through October. Fishing pressure over the past few years has been light, so fishing is good to excellent. Shallow water fishing for Rainbow and Mackinaw is also good. Limitations with fishing and access near the dam are in place, so it’s recommended to check-in. This popular recreation area can get crowded during the summer months.

Skaguay Reservoir

Skaguay is located 33 miles south of Woodland Park on the Eastern side of the Lower Beaver State Park. The reservoir offers good rainbow trout, brown trout and boasts the occasional large northern pike. With headwaters below Pike’s Peak, this recreation area offers fishing, backpacking, and hiking. Easy access provides an excellent opportunity for beginner fly fishers with ample runs and pools as well as fishing with kids for Cutthroat trout.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Spinney Reservoir is located west of Eleven Mile, 41 miles from Bristlecone Lodge, and boasts good fishing from shore as well as from boat. Trophy sized northern pike, rainbow, cutthroat, and brown trout make this reservoir a popular destination as well as the site for tournaments. This recreation area is known as the best Gold Medal fishing Colorado has to offer. Artificial fly and lure-restrictions are enforced, and water levels can affect the availability of the boat ramps. Boat rental and fishing equipment are available at the 11 Mile Marina.

Florissant, Southern Colorado Front Range Fishing

​Located 15 miles west of Woodland Park, fishing in Florissant is known for a different yet equally vibrant fly fishing experience. To be successful here, you may need to adjust your equipment slightly as the fish often congregate further below the surface when searching for food. This can make catching one quite challenging as they need to be coaxed out of these secluded areas to come closer to the surface.

However, no matter which location you choose, with some perseverance and patience your efforts will likely be rewarded. Then, once you have your catch of deliciously plump fish cooking gently on the grill, you will be looking forward to going back again.

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