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Old-time gold prospectors give way to a new generation of prospectors. Gaming in a Cripple Creek casino is exciting year-round entertainment. Since July, 2009, the stakes in Colorado casinos rose from a maximum bet of $5, to the new limit of $100. Cripple Creek offers slots, live blackjack, roulette, craps and poker in a very friendly and historic Colorado mountain town. The City of Cripple Creek is home to many of the states most unique Colorado casinos. Enjoy the brand new Wildwood Casino with modern facilities, or try your luck at the Brass Ass Casino, Cripple Creek’s oldest casino.

All Cripple Creek casinos now offer extended hours of operation for your pleasure and convenience. All casinos are within walking distance of one another, so check out each great location and find the hottest slots or tables of the day. Be sure to review each casino’s players clubs. Each offers regular players special values worth checking out!

Many of Cripple Creek’s casinos offer some of the very best food found anywhere in Colorado. Experience the friendly staff, comfortable weather, and real western hospitality found here and you’ll agree Cripple Creek is the perfect place for a day-trip. It’s only a 30 minute drive away from Bristlecone Lodge!

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