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Cities have their fair share of perks but when it’s time to get away from it all and enjoy the calm, grandeur and beauty that is Mother Nature, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains may just be the Great Escape you’ve been looking for. 

Colorado’s Natural Wonder

Colorado is a bucket list destination for anyone with an adventurous spirit or a fondness for the outdoors. Even if you’re someone who has never set up a tent in your life, Colorado is the perfect place to start kindling your wild spirit. From the San Juan National Forest in the South, to Pike’s Peak near Colorado Springs, and up on North to the Rocky Mountain National Park, there’s indescribable beauty in it all. 

Rocky Mountains Range

Stretching from northern Alberta to northern New Mexico, The Rocky Mountains, or the “Rockies,” as they’re known, act as the impressive backbone of western North America. In Colorado, the Rockies flaunt their most stunning features.

The Rockies are home to pristine lakes, majestic mountains, and an abundance of wildlife. Though the Rocky Mountain National Park is open year-round, the park is busiest during the summer. Warm weather makes most of the hiking trails accessible after the ice has melted, but it also draws in the crowds. But who can blame them? The bloom of the tundra flowers, the animals and birds out and about, and the beautiful trails keep people coming year after year. Within the area you can hike, white water raft, kayak, or, if you want to enjoy all of these excursions, stay a few days and set up camp! ​

Camping in Colorado Rockies

Although taking a spontaneous trip up to the Colorado Rocky Mountains for a camping adventure might sound exciting, it’s always best to plan ahead. Most of the campground areas within the parks must be reserved in advance, and the campgrounds that aren’t reservable are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Whether or not you’re camping in the summer, you should always be prepared for cold temps and high winds. Make sure to secure your tent and bring an insulated sleeping pad to place beneath the sleeping bag since temperatures can drop to freezing even during the warmer months. Fires are allowed only in metal fire grates, so come prepared–and don’t forget the toilet paper! 

Things to Do in Colorado Rocky Mountains

In Woodland Park and the surrounding Pikes Peak national forest, there are so many outdoor activities available. There are several state parks such as Mueller, Staunton, or Cheyenne Mountain nearby where hiking, back-packing, biking, fishing or cycling are available.


With a handful of waterfalls within a day trip they produce the hypnotizing sound of rushing water, perfect for some quiet meditation or a resting spot during a long hike. In such a bubble of nature, you’re bound to see some moose, elk, or even black bear and a variety of birds.


Further south near Colorado Springs and Woodland Park you can explore another variety of hiking trails, waterfalls, and awe-inspiring views. And any trip to Colorado should include a trip to the top of Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain, either via the cog railway or by car via the Pikes Peak Highway. 

Rocky Mountain Campground

When you’re ready for a hot breakfast and warm shower… but you’re not quite ready to head back to the real world, Bristlecone Lodge is a perfect Woodland Park camping destination. Located about 20 miles or west of Colorado Springs, Bristlecone Lodge offers the amenities of a camping, tiny houses, cabins or our rv park in a scenic setting that is co close to all the Rocky Mountain adventures. A sunnier spot for more comfortable excursions, Woodland Park and its surrounding areas offer guests a range of activities including hiking, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, or rock climbing.

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